Cynthia Barton, Office Manager, RPCGB

Hometown: I currently reside in Gardendale, AL, but I was born in Nuremberg, West Germany, when it was still divided.

Education: Took coursework towards a degree in Business Administration - 90% complete.

How long have you been with the RPCGB?: I have been working with the RPCGB for 11 years, but employed by the RPCGB for 10 years.

Give a short overview of your job: I am the Office Manager as well as a staff person for the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). I am responsible for taking minutes at MPO related meetings, assisting with public involvement meetings, and coordination of the Semi-Annual Unified Planning Work Program. As Office Manager, I am responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of the office and equipment as well as serving as the Safety Coordinator and Workman's Comp Officer. I also assist our staff as needed in day-to-day tasks.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?: I love working with the multitude of people that I come in
contact with on a daily basis. I enjoy being taught from those who can teach.

Tell us one thing we don't know about you: I was a competition roller skater and clog dancer when I was younger.

Finish this sentence: "Ten years from now, I hope to be..." Traveling.