Revolving Loan Fund Highlight -- Compliance Specialists, Inc.

This month's Revolving Loan Fund Highlight is
Compliance Specialists, Inc.

Compliance Specialists, Inc. (CSI) is a 17-year-old company providing consulting services to companies needing help in complying with federal and state regulatory requirements regarding safety, environmental, and health. CSI offers a full complement of training, engineering support, program development, auditing, and program management support in all areas of safety and environmental compliance.

Based out of the Bessemer Business Incubator system, CSI's market consists of companies operating in all industrial categories. Heavy industries such as steel and automotive, food processing and packaging, pulp and paper, high tech machine shops and fabricators, and commercial / residential construction are all industries that CSI supports as clients. CSI also works with retail companies in need of safety, health, and/or environmental support.

CSI team members at work

CSI has been a participant in the RPCGB's Account Receivables lending program since 2010. The company has used the program to grow its staff and expand its business.

"We have added two employees since our initial RPCGB loan," said CSI's Ron McClenny, "We plan to bring on one to one and a half new employees every 12 months for the next five years. This will result in more than doubling our annual revenue over those five years."

To learn more about CSI and the work they are doing to help companies comply with safety, health and environmental regulations, visit their website. For more information on the RPCGB's Revolving Loan Fund, please visit the RPCGB website.