Get paid to carpool through ride-sharing program

People can get paid to car pool in Jefferson and Shelby counties.

CommuteSmart's ride-sharing program offers incentives for carpooling. The whole idea is to promote getting to work any other way than in a single occupied vehicle - to relieve traffic congestion and to provide better air quality in the Jefferson County and Shelby County regions.

CommuteSmart has been around since the 90's; however, A representative with CommuteSmart Jeniese Hosey said few people know about the ride-sharing program, but the word is spreading. She said in addition to the incentives there are multiple reasons why it's catching on more now than in some years past.

"I think with the rising cost of gas and I think that people are also understanding more and more about taking a different commute to work. It is not only for financial reasons, but also for stress reasons and to have a different quality of life as they do kind of around the country," Hosey said.

This is one of many ride share programs around the nation. There are more than 3,000 participants statewide.

For more information about CommuteSmart's ride-sharing program, click here.