In-Town Transit Partnership


The In-Town Transit Partnership Project (ITP) is a study of potential transit services in the Downtown Birmingham and University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) areas. This website is your resource for information about the project, including study updates, electronic versions of publications and reports, contacts, and news about upcoming public meetings.

The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) is conducting a study of potential transit service improvements in the Downtown Birmingham and University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) areas.

Dubbed the In-Town Transit Partnership Project (ITP), the study has considered a variety of transit service options including enhanced bus services and rail transit alternatives. Now that the Alternatives Analysis process is complete, the next steps for the project team will be to 1) focus on an implementation plan, and 2) prepare environmental analysis documentation in compliance with federal law.

Over the course of the study, RPCGB has looked at dozens of alternatives; from vehicle types and propulsion means to the alignments on which the vehicles would run. RPCGB has tentatively selected Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) as the mode for this new transit system. BRT, more than any other mode, meets the goals and objectives of the project and stands to provide many of the same benefits that a light rail system would, but at a fraction of the cost. A preferred alignment has been chosen as well, though the recommendation is yet to be finalized (click here to see a map of the chosen alignment). The alignment was chosen on the basis of serving the greatest number of potential riders and key activity centers while simultaneously supporting land use plans in the corridor. The new transit system will be bolstered by connections to local bus service in communities surrounding downtown Birmingham.

The study would not be possible without input from the public; feedback from potential riders and communities that would be served by the system have been a crucial part of the ITP planning process. During the initial planning phases, public input helped develop alternative concepts that addressed the needs of area residents and potential system users. Scoping meetings were held in Birmingham in December 2005, but the study team continues to welcome feedback from the community. (See the Publications page to download the Draft Scoping Report.)