June 15, 2017 – B Active Plan: Moving forward to make Birmingham a better place to bike and walk!

The B-Active Plan, an initiative of the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham, is intended to help establish a clear vision for short-term and long-term projects that are needed to build a safer, more connected and equitable bicycle and trail system for the region.

The plan launched in April with input from the community to find out what projects are needed.  Things considered included: What roads and intersections need bicycle lanes to make you feel safer when commuting by bicycle? How can we increase connectivity to our major parks? What improvements would encourage you to ditch your car keys and walk or bike more often?

Input from the community for the B-Active Plan has been strong!  Over 850 people in Birmingham and the surrounding area have provided incredible feedback at local pop-up events as well as online.  On June 27th there will be another opportunity for the public to get involved in the planning process and discuss the current comfort of walking and biking on roads in our community.    The project team will provide the public input results and will display regional maps showing key destinations and road corridors that are likely to attract biking and walking.  Mapping the existing “level of comfort” of roads will help the Project Team identify barriers and opportunities in the current road system.  The goal is to ensure the recommendations of the B-Active Plan create a network of roads and off-street trails that are safe, connected and accessible.



B-Active Plan OPEN HOUSE
Tuesday June 27th (4:00-6:30pm)

Main Pavilion at Railroad Park


B- INVOVED   B-ACTIVE!  FOR MORE INFORMATION:    www.b-activeplan.com