June 8, 2017 – Business, restaurant parking could improve in metro suburb

People who work downtown and want to take a quick trip to Homewood for lunch or for some quick shopping after work may get a parking reprieve.

A recent traffic study, unveiled at a council meeting this week, indicates there is actually plenty of parking. The current woes to find a parking spot is likely a lack of enforcement, experts say.

According to the Homewood Star, the Regional Planning Commission’s study in April examined the 824 city-owned spaces and 1,212 private spaces on a stretch from Central Avenue to Independence Drive downtown. Results showed that city spaces were about 75 percent full and private hit 51 percent full. However, parking on 18th Street was virtually always 100 percent full during prime hours.

RPC said with ticketing and enforcement of prime areas as well as use of underground spaces, downtown can handle both current and future development.

via Birmingham Business Journal