Surveys for the Eastern Birmingham Area and Pratt-Ensley Area Framework Plans

The planning team at the RPCGB has begun work on the initial phase of the City of Birmingham’s two newest Framework Plans: the Pratt-Ensley Framework Plan and the Eastern Area Framework Plan. The Framework Plans are extensions of the 2013 City of Birmingham Comprehensive Plan and they are intended to address issues and opportunities at the community level – thereby providing a more refined and responsive approach to specific community needs than the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

If you live, work, or play in the Eastern B’ham or Pratt/Ensley areas then your feedback is crucial in drafting the plan! Please take a moment to learn about the Framework Plans and complete the Visioning Surveys available at

Quick links to the surveys:

Pratt-Ensley Visioning Survey –

Eastern Area Visioning Survey –

Pratt-Ensley Framework Plan neighborhoods: Central Pratt, North Pratt, South Pratt, Ensley, Sandusky, Sherman Heights, Smithfield Estates, Thomas, Tuxedo, Wylam, Oakridge

Eastern Area Framework Plan neighborhoods: Airport Highlands, Brown Springs, Brownsville Heights, Brummitt Heights, East Avondale, East Birmingham, East Lake, Gate City, Inglenook, Kingston, Maple Grove, North Avondale, North East Lake, Oak Ridge Park, Penfield Park, South Woodlawn, Wahouma, Woodlawn

For more information contact Hunter Garrison at or 264-8442.