B Active Plan: Moving forward to make Birmingham a better place to bike!

B Active Plan: Moving forward to make Birmingham a better place to bike!

In order to provide a network of roads and off-street trails that are safe, connected and accessible, the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) initiated a planning process in April 2017 to develop the Birmingham Regional Active Transportation Plan, or the B-Active Plan.

An essential part of developing this plan has been an extensive public outreach program to identify current bicycling needs, and coordination with local governments and partner agencies to identify any future plans to address those needs.  More than 1,000 people have provided feedback through open house events and online surveys, representing 112 zip codes within the region.

A public open house to review and comment on the Draft Regional Bicycle Network is scheduled for January 23, 2018 from 4:00 – 6:30PM at Cahaba Brewery.

The Draft Regional Bicycle Network was developed based on the input received from the public, an inventory of existing and planned bicycle and paved-trail facilities, a safety analysis at high crash locations, the location of natural and man-made barriers that make conditions for bicycling difficult, and a demand analysis that incorporated locations where people bicycle to and from the most – such as parks, transit stops, employment centers, universities and shopping centers.

With a focus on increasing the number of cyclists, rather than just number of facility miles, the regional network targets the “interested but concerned” bicyclists, which represent approximately 51% of current and potential users.  The recommended design solutions for roadways on the proposed bicycle network include ways to mitigate the level of traffic stress that bicyclists feel and maximize their degree of separation from the automobile (i.e. through the future provision of a buffered bike lane, separated bike lane, shared use path, etc.).

The full Birmingham Regional Active Transportation Plan is expected to be released in late Spring 2018.  The final plan will include technical guidance and recommendations on bicycle facility design, and an implementation plan with short-term and long-term project priorities. Since the RPCGB is tasked with planning, it will be up to local governments and transportation agencies to further consider and potentially build the projects and facilities recommended in the plan. 

B-Active Plan OPEN HOUSE
Tuesday January 23 (4:00-6:30pm)

Cahaba Brewery

4500 5th Avenue South

Suite C

Birmingham, AL 35222




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