Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out about RPCGB related public meetings or forums?

Training workshops, meetings and other RPCGB related events are listed on the RPCGB’s Calendar of Events.

What tools are available to a community looking for technical advice or planning assistance?

The RPCGB provides varied services for its member governments.

There are numerous opportunities for planning, transporation, or GIS related information. The resource links page can be used to peruse some governmental, non-profit, and private resources at the federal, state, and regional levels.

How is RPCGB funded and maintained?

The Commission is a voluntary multi-jurisdictional organization funded by membership dues which are based on a per capita assessment; the commission also applies for and receives federal, state and private grants on behalf of member governments, and the Commission provides services for fee-based contracts with state, county, city, and non-profit organizations. The Regional Planning Commission also has an affiliate not-for-profit organization, the Birmingham Regional Development Corporation that accepts funding for economic development purposes.

How are the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) related?

The MPO serves as the official decision making body for federally-funded transportation projects in Jefferson and Shelby counties, and is responsible for the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The RPCGB provides staff to the MPO, promoting a consideration of land-use policy and practices with transportation improvements.

What services does the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) provide for local and county governments?

The Commission provides comprehensive planning and development services including watershed, transportation, and regional development planning; specifically related to city and county governments in a six county area. The Commission provides community strategic planning and zoning ordinances, neighborhood and town center revitalization programs, mapping and GIS services, funding and grant services as well as business loan assistance.