Transit Planning

 Transit (public transportation) benefits the region’s overall travel conditions by helping to reduce single-occupant vehicle (SOV) travel.  The main objective of transit is to provide travel options, but it also meets secondary objectives, like increased mobility, reduced congestion, and improved air quality.

Program of Projects

The BJCTA, in accordance with Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) guidelines, develops an annual Program of Projects (POP). A POP is a list of projects proposed by a designated recipient in cooperation with a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to be funded from FTA Sections 5307, 5339, and 5310 programs. The POP includes a brief description of these funding programs, a list of projects that are proposed to be funded, total project costs, and federal share for each project.  Projects identified in the POP, once they have approved, will be programmed into the Birmingham MPO’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

FY 2019 Program of Projects


Bus Rapid Transit Project – City of Birmingham

The City of Birmingham is currently designing a $40 million Bus Rapid Transit project that will connect several communities both east and west of downtown.

A presentation can be downloaded here:  Birmingham-BRT-Presentation-October2018

And for more information, please visit the project website:


Transit Studies

Listed below are some of the transit studies in which the RPCGB has been involved. These studies incorporated collaboration with local governments, stakeholders, media and the general public.


Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan

The Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan (HSCTP) identifies needs of individuals who are elderly and disabled, and establishes strategies to meet those needs.  The HSCTP guides decision making regarding the allocation of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5310 program funding for projects that increase mobility for individuals who are elderly or disabled.

2017 HSCTP


Directory of Public Transportation in Alabama

A statewide Directory of Public Transportation was created as part of a project for the Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities. The directory is organized by county and contains contact information, type of service, hours, starting cost, and whether or not they accept Medicaid. If the line is blank, no public transportation is available in that county. Private for-profit providers are not included.

Download the Provider Directory