Planning Services Overview

The activities of the RPCGB benefit local governments in the region in several ways. In many instances, the activities of the RPCGB are prerequisite to the eligibility for Federal project construction funds for local governments. Although not an exclusive benefit to any one government, these certification activities are considered a major responsibility of the RPCGB. These activities result in substantial benefits to the region and help assure eligibility for public and private funding when member governments need financial assistance for projects such as transportation, economic, and community development.

Funds contributed by member governments are matched with various Federal and State grants which enable the RPCGB to undertake the following activities. Many of these services are provided as part of the overall operations of the RPCGB staff, while others are provided on a contract for fee basis negotiated to benefit RPCGB member governments.

Regional Planning

A major emphasis of the RPCGB is overall regional, multi-jurisdictional planning, including the following:

  • Regional comprehensive planning

  • Active Transportation planning

  • Special corridor and multi-jurisdictional studies

  • Strategic development planning

Community Planning

The RPCGB is a resource used by member governments for a variety of purposes. The RPCGB has staff expertise and can assist governments in the following areas:

  • General comprehensive plans or community plans to meet Local, State, and/or Federal needs

  • Bicycle and pedestrian planning

  • Housing counts and structural condition surveys

  • Land use surveys

  • Visioning surveys

  • Community and public facilities’ analysis and needs assessment

  • Zoning Ordinances and zoning map updates

  • Subdivision Regulations updates

  • Preparation or updates of municipal base maps

  • Annexation studies

  • Parking studies / parking inventory

  • Retail, office, industrial and/or residential market analyses

Information Management & GIS

The IM Division is responsible for all information technology requirements and data management for RPCGB’s divisions, as well as services to member governments that include the following:

  • GIS data development and analysis

  • ASDC affiliate and data repository

  • Redistricting and site analysis

  • Population and employment data and forecasts

Economic Development

  • Business Assistance and Regional Revolving Loan Program

  • Economic development data and planning

  • Community profiles and brochures for prospective industries

  • Industrial site inventories and studies

  • Development needs analysis

  • Federal and State assistance for economic and community development projects

  • Assistance in securing business financing