The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham provides two major initiatives that promote the benefits of reducing miles on our roads and improving air quality in Jefferson and Shelby Counties.



The CommuteSmart ( program was created in 1999 to help alleviate traffic congestion and reduce air pollution in Jefferson and Shelby counties. CommuteSmart encourages the reduction of single-occupancy commuting and educates commuters on cleaner modes of transportation. Some of these methods include carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, walking, teleworking and public transit.

CommuteSmart is federally-funded, and all CommuteSmart services are provided at no cost to local companies and their employees. CommuteSmart participants must live or work in Jefferson or Shelby counties.


Alabama Partners for Clean Air

Alabama Partners for Clean Air ( is an affiliation of public, private and nonprofit organizations working to implement voluntary strategies that improve air quality in Jefferson and Shelby counties.

APCA’s goals are to achieve and maintain compliance with national air quality standards, to protect and improve public health, to minimize the economic impacts on existing businesses, and to maximize the potential for economic growth. The RPCGB uses local funds to leverage federal funding for this program. APCA affiliates educate businesses and groups on best air quality practices, voluntary emissions testing, alternative fuels and ridesharing.