About RPC

The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) provides planning services, economic development services and multiple initiatives for six counties and 84 communities throughout central Alabama. Annual dues provided by the member governments of these counties and communities make it possible for the RPCGB to provide valuable resources. These services and initiatives are innovative and far-reaching.

The Commission works through a consultation process with local governments, citizens, non-profits and the private sector in Blount, Chilton, Jefferson, St. Clair, Shelby and Walker counties. It is through this process that opportunities and cost effective solutions are identified to assure physical and economic growth for everyone.

Through monthly and annual cycle of programs and projects related to transportation for Jefferson and Shelby counties the Commission provides community planning services for the six counties and eighty-four municipalities represented. The Commission staff is well equipped to provide support for a regularly scheduled set of meetings, and the communication required for providing information to a broad constituency of members.

Through the Birmingham Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the RPCGB coordinates the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) which programs all federal and state transportation dollars for improvements in Jefferson and Shelby counties. This coordination includes the oversight and programming of over $72 million dollars for the TIP. The Commission also offers grants designed to address the relationship between transportation and land use and assist in implementation of community projects, as well as provide small business loans to spark economic development in the region.

Initiatives of the Commission include CommuteSmart, a program designed to encourage better commuting habits and Alabama Partners for Clean Air, an initiative designed to implement strategies to improve air quality in Jefferson and Shelby Counties.

In October of 2011 the RPCGB began administering the Medicaid Waiver Program for the elderly and disabled. The program is designed to allow elderly or disabled individuals who are at risk of nursing home placement to remain in their home as long as possible. Medicaid Waiver is a program of the Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS) and the Alabama Medicaid Agency.

Through all of these services and initiatives, the Commission is committed to making central Alabama the most successful region in the state.


Funding for the Commission is obtained through federal matching grants, member government dues, annual appropriations from the state, and contract fees.


Services provided to member governments and the communities through cross-functional teams include the following areas.

  • Intergovernmental Cooperation: Encourages multi-jurisdictional planning for comprehensive land use, corridor and strategic development encouraging cooperative efforts and project efficiencies.

  • Transportation and Transit Planning: Provides long range programs and planning include urbanized area plans, corridor plans, greenway plans along with traffic counts, safety studies to impact transportation in the region.

  • Community Planning: Provides land use planning and analysis for member governments including zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, mapping and general community plans for a highest and best-use basis for development in the region.

  • Community and Economic Development: Assists member governments with applications for federal and state grants, provides information and assistance to new and expanding businesses to increase the tax base in the region.

  • Information Management (GIS): Provides GIS data development, analysis and deployment assistance, redistricting and site analysis for member governments.